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The guideline and rules provided below is to instill into the students of St. Joseph’s College the vision and mission of the institution and mentor them into responsible persons who are able to contribute to national development and also undergo self development as individuals.

Attendance :

  1. The institution insists on regular attendance in classes, library hours, special talks, seminars, association meetings and any other curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular programmes notified by the Principal.
  2. In Ordinary days class starts at 9.30 am. and ends by 3.40 pm. All students are expected to be in the class by the first bell. Delay of 5 minutes may be granted as a grace time to enter the class. Students who are late for more than five minutes will lose half day’s attendance.
  3. It is mandatory to have 75% of attendance to appear for university examinations.
  4. Students are not permitted to absent themselves from classes without permission. Absence from a class for one period/hour of either of the two sessions will be considered as half day leave.
  5. Absence for more than 15 consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation will lead to the removal of the student from the rolls.
  6. Students who want to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will not be granted grace attendance unless they obtain prior written permission from HOD.


  1. Students are expected to behave with decorum in the class room as well as in the college campus.
  2. Any type of disrespect towards the teachers will be taken as serious offence.
  3. Students are not allowed to go out of the class without proper permission and shall not enter any class other than their own.
  4. Students are not allowed to hold any public meeting, gathering, demonstration, distribution of notices, collection of money, campaign etc. without Principal’s written permission.
  5. Students are instructed not to sit or gather in front of the college chapel. Hanging out in the parking area and sitting in parked vehicles are not allowed.


  1. Students are bound to obey the directions issued from time to time by principal, teachers and the higher authorities. Disrespect to such directives would amount to serious misconduct.
  2. Any student who is found to be indecent or disorderly inside the class or campus is liable to be punished according to university and institutional rules.
  3. Students should behave with decorum towards non-teaching staff of the college and should not seek or communicate anything that is related to the college policy. You may approach principal for academic matters and the Vice Principal/Manager/Bursar for management matters.
  4. Students expected to have proper decent relationship complementary sex friends, that is fitting to an educational institution.
  5. Unbecoming behavior and conduct shall be to disciplinary action.

Dress Code:

  1. Students are to wear uniform on all working days except on Wednesday. For any exception from wearing uniform, permission must be sought from principal.
  2. On Wednesdays students can wear colour dresses. Boys are instructed not to wear collarless T-shirts, low-waist pants, colour dhotis etc. Girls are to wear churidar with shawl.

Identity Card:

  1. All must wear identity card in the campus. ID card is mandatory to attend the class and to have entry to the campus.

Green Protocol:

  1. Our campus is a Green campus. The Institution strictly adheres to the Green Protocol.
  2. All programmes organized by the college and its departments should not use any kind of plastic materials such as flex, bottles, decorative items etc.
  3. All students should use waste bins placed in different places in the campus to dispose waste.
  4. All waste materials should be collected, segregated and disposed properly.

Mobile phone:

  1. Use of mobile phone is banned in the campus. Those students who bring the phones on account of their safety may deposit the phones at prescribed places as directed by the HOD.
  2. Violation of instruction of mobile use will be punished and mobile phone will be confiscated.

Road safety:

  1. Students who use vehicles are expected to behave in compliance with the traffic rules and institutional regulations, especially the high court ruling about vehicle use in the college campus.
  2. Two-wheeler riders are to wear helmet to enter into campus and Four- wheeler drivers are to wear seat-belt. College may take action on the violation of safety norms.
  3. The speed of the vehicle in the campus must be below 20 km.
  4. Students Shall park their vehicles in a proper order in the parking area.
  5. Students Shall not sit on the parked vehicles in the campus.


  1. Students should not indulge in ragging or other similar activities causing difficulty to fellow students. Offenders will be punished according to the anti ragging regulations and law.


  1. Students shall not conduct tours and picnics on their own. Please follow tour protocol of the college.

Substance Abuse:

  1. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages, narcotic substances etc. are strictly prohibited in the college. Violation of substance abuse rules will be a sufficient reason for expulsion from the college and legal action.


  1. All students need to keep their class rooms, furniture, toilets, gadgets etc. neat and tidy.
  2. No student is allowed to stick, paste anything on the wall.
  3. Students found writing names or drawing picture etc. on the furniture, wall or any college property will be fined and made good of the damage.

Students Union:

  1. The management and the institution promote and support all activities of the Students Union functioning under the guidance of a staff advisor.
  2. According to the Verdict of Honorable High Court in the ‘Sojan versus Kerala University 2006’ case which is upheld by Supreme court and by Lyngdoh commission report, no party politics/ political activities are allowed in the college campus.
  3. All students are to abstain from all kind of party political activities in the campus. Violation of this law is a punishable offence under disciplinary matters.
  4. Election to the college union will be held according to Lyngdoh commission recommendations and Kannur University bye-laws.

Library rules:

  1. Library identity card is mandatory to enter and use the library.
  2. It is mandatory to go to library at prescribed library hours.
  3. Books may be borrowed for seven days by students and to be returned on the eighth day. Monetary fine will be there for the delay in return and loss of books.

Fee Collection:

  1. Fees will be collected during the first 15 working days of every semester in the college office. Failure to remit the fees payment will incur a fine of Rs.5 per day, till the payment of fees/dues.
  2. If the fees and fine are not paid by the last opportunity given by the office, the name of the students will be removed from the rolls of the college and student will not get the benefit of the attendance till the readmission.


  1. Outsiders are not permitted to meet any of the student or staff in the college campus without principal’s permission. So students shall not bring any outsiders other than guardians to the college campus and the permitted meeting place will be college office parlor alone.

Collection of money:

  1. Students shall not collect money for any purpose without principal’s permission.

Parents / Guardians:

  1. Only parents or legal guardians can attend PTA meetings or interact with teachers and college authorities. No other person can interact with college on behalf of students.
  2. Parents / guardians shall provide their names and phone numbers at the time of admission for necessary communication.


  1. Students are to leave the campus within one hour after the class. Students may take exceptions with proper permission.
  2. Students shall not sit in front of the Chapel or linger on in nearby places or in the parking area.
  3. The college has framed a Green protocol and all any expected to follow the same.
  4. The college being a green protocol campus all are instructed to abstain from bringing / using carry plastic bags, bottles, covers, flexes etc.


  1. Students shall present their complaints to their tutor, HOD, Vice Principal and Principal orally or in writing according to the gravity of the issue. Or they may present it is the grievance redressal cell of the college, notified in the Handbook itself.

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