Mr. T.A John
Dr. K.C muraleedharan

India’s future is in the upcoming youth of India and the herculean task of mentoring a significant number of them to people with quality, sensitiveness and skill is assigned to the higher education institutions.
St. Joseph’s College, Pilathara, a remarkable HEI in the district, has dutifully oriented its functioning right from the first day of its inception to achieve this well-defined goal of the nation. The college has a well-thought-out and periodically and critically reviewed system which ensures contribution to national development and the fostering of global competencies among students. Promoting the use of ICT and generating a quest for excellence inform the vision and mission of the college.
Our ambitious aim is to become a carbon-sensitive institution gradually through innovative educational and life practices which will ensure the attainment of all the other higher dimensions of education.


Fr. Johnson Simethy
Fr. Johnson Simethy
Vice Principal

"St. Joseph’s college Pilathara is a synonym for excellence, quality, discipline, values and professional development. We have made all efforts to give the students the best of its class.
We assure our commitment and dedication to the vision of education that our college envisages. It’s not just words for publicity but a matter of fact.
St. Joseph’s unparallel and unique academic innovations and programmes, vibrant and supportive co-curricular activities place this institution as outstanding"


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